so the other week i let someone with an awful taste in music take over my blog whilst i was livin’ it up ja rule stylee in spain. i can only apologize to all of you under 50’s out there who had no idea what she was going on about. never again. all joking aside here are the true top 5 songs that should cater to everyone. it ain’t just dad rock folks. i do just want to thank carrie for her time and effort though, check out her blog.


5. bill medley & jennifer warnes – (i’ve had) the time of my life

i actually thought of the best first and worked my way back. i’ve obviously written it like this for dramatic effect. i found it difficult as there are so many to choose from.  i went for this at number 5, because it’s a great song to dance to and one of the few moves i can do convincingly (with a dance partner). the move. not forgetting it’s from a classic film.


4. john legend – ordinary people

it’s simple really, a bit of piano, the crystal clear lyrics that john easily belts out make for a memorable song. one of the songs that really put him on the map and made me a fan. i feel the video is slightly iconic, stripped down to a white room and him playing the keys.


3. the fugees – killing me softly

the song of my childhood. my mum had this on cassette for the car and the score cd for the house. if it wasn’t playing, it was being sung. “one time” has rung through our house more times than i can count. it’s the karaoke go to, the voice of lauryn hill and the wyclef vocals click and bring back childhood memories.


2. jay z & mr hudson – young forever

this song means a lot to me. in 2009 we went on a family trip to florida. the blueprint 3 was the soundtrack. jay gets a lot of flack from hip hoppers for this album, but for whatever reason i loved it. not to mention there’s some decent songs. young forever stands out. the chorus and the whole first verse have true meaning in my life. it’s idealistic and we’d all like to live like that. me & my little sis saw it live in one of my top concert moments. we know and rapped the whole thing on my 21st.


1. oasis – champagne supernova

my favourite song in history. i don’t think it’s the happiest song, but it’s undeniable in it’s quality. it’s one to think to, lose yourself in or shout the lyrics out to in a mancunian accent. it’s the song that should put to bed the debate between who the best gallagher brother is. the passion in it is clear lyrically and the way it’s delivered (especially live versions). it’s more than relatable to anyone who’s gone through family trouble or growing apart from people you couldn’t imagine a life without. “how many special people change” and “some day you will find me” are the lines that make it so good.



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