on tuesday i travelled to birmingham nec for naidex. it’s a yearly convention for all things disabled. or as i like to call it – all things i can’t afford. i felt right at home of course with all my wheelchair homie’s rocking up for the occasion. it was the most wheelchairs i’ve ever seen in my life and probably the most i ever will. obviously it was chaos. turns out i do like ikea – if only for their one way system. why there was no system of any kind i’ll never know. it was a bit stressful being a sardine for the day. oh and i got attacked by some girl. she wants me obv.

anyway i only managed to find a small number of things of any interest or use to me. these chinese manufactured portable nebulisers would of been great if they weren’t slightly too heavy for your face (they did fit my beak!). the adapted vans were decent, though none came close to my big sheila. the rest of the time i was on the hunt for freebies and sweeties. the highlight was an adapted camper van, unfortunately i didn’t have £35,000 on me. you can rent one though… hmm i feel an adventure coming on…

i escaped relatively quickly and went on a hunt for food. we had the most fun on the walk to resorts world, getting lost (the nec is uuuge) and going on the travelator was hardly my wisest decision. as usual i didn’t get my speed right, so i turned my wheelchair into a rocking horse on wheels. i survived. i went for my first ever zizzi’s and played a game of guess who’s going to the drake concert too. awfully dressed humans.

essentially i went to birmingham for a pizza. will i go to naidex again? it’s a no from me.


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