this is the next instalment of my “onyourown” series. i had a telephone “appointment” with one of the physio’s from the bri a couple of weeks ago. i was told that once i had ran out of bacterial filters for both my cough assist and ventilator, that’s it. i’ll need to use both machines from then on without a filter. i also didn’t appreciate being asked about “respect” forms and dnr’s, it came across as pushy, insensitive and actually discriminative.

the ventilator is one thing, but using the cough assist without a filter is disgusting. day to day with no filter is bad enough, but when i’m unwell with a chest infection and i’m regularly coughing up thick mucus, then what? this can’t be good for the machine itself, is unhygienic and could affect my health. it even says in the user manual to use a filter “bacteria filter: the filter, which protects the device from entraining foreign material from the patient, can be left in place as long as it is not blocked by sputum or trapped moisture.”

i was told there was “no evidence” that filters need to be used in a home environment. what’s the difference between a hospital and a home environment in terms of filter use? if they aren’t necessary, i want to see evidence that says so. if they aren’t needed, then what are they made for and why have i been using them for my machines for the past 5-10 years and been told to regularly change the filters, especially when i’m unwell?

i also find the timing very interesting with coronavirus. i looked at buying the filters myself, but everywhere i looked is out of stock. this is totally unacceptable, i’m not happy with using my machines without filters. i should be provided with them.

Intensive care caucasian doctor examines intubated critical stance patient writing notes to case report in intensive care department

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